Youth policy in Latvia

Youth policy in Latvia (2009)

Herwig Reiter, Seija Astala, Guy-Michel Brandtner, Aleksandra Jovanovic, Metka Kuhar, Howard Williamson, Julia Zubok

ISBN 978-92-871-6448-3
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This international review of the national youth policy in Latvia, like preceding reviews, aims to fulfil three distinct objectives:- to advise on national youth policy;- to identify components which might combine to form a harmonised approach to youth policy across Europe; and- to contribute to a learning process in relation to the development and implementation of youth policy.The Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe embark¬ed on its international reviews of national youth policy in 1997. Latvia, at its own request, is the fourteenth country to be the focus of an international review. This report goes from the historical back¬ground through to the present day and includes information gather¬ed by the international review team as well as its analyses and recommendations concerning the development, perspectives and challenges for the future of youth policy in Latvia.
Executive summary

CHAPTER 1: Background and methodology
International youth policy reviews of the Council of Europe
The Latvian youth policy review
Structure of the report

CHAPTER 2: Introduction to Latvia

CHAPTER 3: Youth and youth policy in Latvia
"Youth policy" - the national context
Key institutions and actors of regional and local "youth policy" delivery
Youth organisations and the political representation of young people

CHAPTER 4: Key domains of youth policy
Education and learning
Formal general education
Formal professional education and labour market matching
Formal higher education
Non-formal and out-of-school education
Sports policy
Family policy, child welfare, social protection
Youth justice

CHAPTER 5: Cross-cutting key issues for youth policy
Youth participation and citizenship
Youth information
Elites and outsiders
Social inclusion
Urban-rural polarisation

CHAPTER 6: Supporting youth policy
Youth research
Youth work, training and working conditions
The dissemination of good practice
International co-operation and exchange




Appendix 1 - Programme of the first visit to Latvia
Appendix 2 - Programme of the second visit to Latvia
Appendix 3 - Selected data for Latvia
Appendix 4 - National opinion and response to section on minority education and the status of the Russian language
Appendix 5 - National opinion and response to section on employment

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