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E-pub - Adoption – Law and practice under the Revised European Convention on the Adoption of Children

E-pub - Adoption – Law and practice under the Revised European Convention on the Adoption of Children (2013)

G.Shannon, R.Horgan, G.Keehan, C.Daly

ISBN 978-92-871-7847-3
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The Revised European Convention on the" Adoption of Children (RECAC) was introduced by the Council of Europe in 2008, in an effort to provide a modern framework for the adoption of children. It represents an international consensus on acceptable child adoption, reflecting the different views, legal diversity and common heritage of member states.

This book provides an in-depth analysis and commentary on each of the 30 articles of the revised convention. It is a comprehensive work which explores the changes and developments that have taken place since the 1967 Convention on the Adoption of Children first emerged. It is a detailed, one-stop source for judges, social workers, legislatures and adoption practitioners on all aspects of the RECAC. This clear and incisive text is divided into three parts, commencing with an overview of the convention, followed by an examination of the general principles and concluding with the final clauses.



Part I - Scope of the convention and application of its principles
Article 1 - Scope of the convention
Article 2 - Application of principles

Part II - General principles
Article 3 - Validity of an adoption
Article 4 - Granting of an adoption
Article 5 - Consents to an adoption
Article 6 - Consultation of the child
Article 7 - Conditions for adoption
Article 8 - Possibility of a subsequent adoption
Article 9 - Minimum age of the adopter
Article 10 - Preliminary enquiries
Article 11 - Effects of an adoption
Article 12 - Nationality of the adopted child
Article 13 - Prohibition of restrictions
Article 14 - Revocation and annulment of an adoption
Article 15 - Request for information from another state party
Article 16 - Proceedings to establish parentage
Article 17 - Prohibition of improper gain
Article 18 - More favourable conditions
Article 19 - Probationary period
Article 20 - Counselling and post-adoption services
Article 21 - Training
Article 22 - Access to and disclosure of information

Part III - Final clauses
Article 23 - Effects of the convention
Article 24 - Signature, ratification and entry into force
Article 25 - Accession
Article 26 - Territorial application
Article 27 - Reservations
Article 28 - Notification of competent authorities
Article 29 - Denunciation
Article 30 - Notifications
Concluding remarks

Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3

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