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PDF - National minorities: Breath of diversity, breath of Europe

PDF - National minorities: Breath of diversity, breath of Europe (2009)

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National minorities. An abstract term which evokes the complex realities of those persons who, because of history, have a specific background and identity. With this book, we are here immersed in the heart of the diversity of our societies and their intermingling of populations. The exhibition `National Minorities, Breath of Diversity, Breath of Europe" was conceived in the framework of the 10th anniversary of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. This series of photos was taken in Vojvodina, a Serbian multiethnic region. It brings us closer to the people we refer to under the name of "national minorities" and it presents us with the reflection minorities themselves have on issues that have been codified in the Council of Europe's Framework Convention. These are issues of identity, equality, education, participation, culture and media. They also evoke the concept of "living together".

Right freely to choose to be treated or not to be treated as a national minority

Droit de choisir librement d'être traité ou de ne pas être traité comme une minorité nationale

Right of equality before the law and of equal protection of the law

Droit à l'égalité devant la loi et à l'égale protection de la loi

Right to learn one's minority language

Droit d'apprendre sa langue minoritaire

Right to maintain and develop one's culture and to preserve the essential elements of one's identity - language, traditions and cultural heritage

Droit à conserver et développer sa culture, et à préserver les éléments essentiels de son identité - langue, traditions et patrimoine culturel

Right to create and use one's media

Droit de créer et d'utiliser ses propres médias

Encourage a spirit of tolerance and intercultural dialogue

Promouvoir l'esprit de tolérance et le dialogue interculturel

Participation in economic life and in public affairs

Participation à la vie économique et aux affaires publiques

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