PDF - Perspectives on youth, Volume 1 - 2020 - what do you see?

PDF - Perspectives on youth, Volume 1 - 2020 - what do you see? (2014)

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Perspectives on youth is a new series published by the partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth with the support of five countries – Belgium, Finland, France, Germany and the United Kingdom – and the Nordic Council of Ministers. Its purpose is to bring national youth policies closer together and to keep the largely European dialogue about key problems of national and supranational child and youth policy on a solid foundation in terms of content, expertise and politics. The series aims to act as a forum for information, discussion, reflection and dialogue on European developments in the field of youth policy, youth research and youth work.

The conceptual strategy behind this series is meant to be critical and anticipative, reflecting European youth policies and their relevance for and impact on young people. It also highlights trends in the youth field that need innovative and forward-looking strategies. The series aims to contribute to the development and promotion of a youth policy and of a youth work practice that is based on knowledge as well as participatory principles. It is also intended to be a forum for peer-learning between member states of the European Union as well as of the Council of Europe. The plan is to publish Perspectives on youth at least once a year. This first issue focuses on “2020 – what do YOU see?”, featuring a futuristic perspective on the lives of young people across Europe and the wider world, based on research, social trends, policy planning, changing demography, employment prospects, sustainable development and security, among other things.


1    Preface from the group of publishers
2    Introduction by the editorial team
3    Interview with Chiara Gariazzo
4    Interview with Ólöf Ólafsdóttir
5. The intergenerational contract has been cancelled (Karl Wagner)
6. Generational changes, gaps and conflicts: a view from the South (Magda Nico)  
7. Youth justice in a changing Europe: crisis conditions and alternative visions (Barry Goldson)   
8. The future of the social dimension in European higher education: university for all, but without student support? (Lorenza Antonucci)
9. Projecting the category of NEET into the future (Valentina Cuzzocrea)
10. Young entrepreneurs owning 2020 (Ajsa Hadzibegovic)
11. Challenging structured participation opportunities (Tomi Kiilakoski and Anu Gretschel)
12. Active citizenship 3.0/2020 – Youth participation and social capital after post-democracy (Benedikt Widmaier)
13. The think tank on youth policy in Europe (Hans-Joachim Schild, Howard Williamson, Hans-Georg Wicke and Koen Lambert)
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