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PDF - Heritage and beyond (2009)

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The notion of cultural heritage may be viewed from a number of standpoints. This publication is concerned less with the science and techniques of conservation than with the meaning of heritage and the contribution it can make to the progress of European society. It is firmly rooted in the principles of the Council of Europe - a political organisation committed to human rights, democracy and cultural diversity - and includes a range of articles that look at heritage in the context of the current challenges we all face. In particular, it shows how the Council of Europe's framework convention can enhance and offer a fresh approach to the value of the cultural heritage for our society. As such, it provides further reasons for states to ratify this convention, which was opened for signature in Faro, Portugal, in 2005, and adopt its dynamic and forward-looking approach.How and why did it seem appropriate at the start of this millennium to draw up a new roadmap for our heritage? How had the concept changed and what does this imply? How could the message transmitted by the Faro Convention foster the emergence of a new culture of development and greater territorial cohesion, leading to sustainable resource use and the involvement of everyone in the transmission of a heritage from which all of society would benefit?This publication attempts to answer these questions, but also looks in depth at various themes introduced by the Faro Convention, such as the "holistic definition" of heritage, the concept of "heritage communities" and of a "common European heritage", its different economic and social dimensions and the principle of shared responsibility. It also offers valuable insights into the relationships between the heritage, the knowledge society and the process of digitising cultural assets.


Benefits and innovations of the Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society

The philosophical, political and pragmatic roots of the convention

Unpacking the convention into challenging actions for member states

New heritage frontiers
Views of the Chair of the Faro Convention drafting group
The Faro Convention, an original tool for building and managing Europe's heritage
Why do countries ratify conventions? The case of Montenegro
The Regional Programme for Cultural and Natural Heritage in South East Europe - Declaration

The human right to the cultural heritage - The Faro Convention's contribution to the recognition and safeguarding of this human right

On the "right to heritage" - The innovative approach of Articles 1 and 2 of the Faro Convention
Article 4 of the convention

The social and spatial frameworks of heritage - What is new in the Faro Convention?

Europe - A constrained and fragmented space on the edge of the continental landmasses. Crossroad, battlefield and melting pot

Heritage and dialogue

Museums, cultural heritage and dialogue in Northern Ireland: strategies for divided societies

Heritage conservation as a driving force for development

Economics and the built cultural heritage
The cultural context of sustainability - Heritage and living
Creating new assets in the cultural heritage sphere
Can co-operation lastingly stabilise the heritage economy?

Heritage, public authorities, societies

Heritage partnerships - Promoting public involvement and understanding
"40xVenezia", an example of a heritage community applying the principles of the Faro Convention
Place-making and place-shaping
Communities of practice around tranquillity, calm and open space in Flanders

The Faro Convention and the information society
Integration of information technology in the daily practice of the cultural heritage professions - Articles 13, 14 and 17 of the Faro Convention
The MINERVA and MICHAEL networks
South-Eastern European Digitization Initiative, SEEDI
Pan-European co-operation: HEREIN, the Council of Europe information system on cultural heritage
Some fundamental elements of the legal framework governing cultural heritage protection in the information and knowledge society

Arnavutkoy and Sulukule: an interview and a case study
Interview with Mahmut Celebi, President, Association of Residents of Arnavutkoy
People from all over the world are campaigning in favour of Sulukule, Turkey's oldest Roma neighbourhood

Four interviews
St Petersburg: the ideal European city?
An interview with Professor Georges Nivat, University of Geneva
Diversity of frontier heritage: Terijoki/Zelenogorsk and Karelia
An interview with Jukka Marttinen, Vice-Chairperson of the Terijoki Club
Heritages on the Karelian Isthmus
An interview with Evgeni Balashov, from the association Karelia
Heritage and the Internet in Zelenogorsk (formerly Terijoki)
An interview with Alexander Bravo, creator of the website


The Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Heritage for Society

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