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Journalism at risk

Journalism at risk (2015)

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Is journalism under threat? Censorship, political pressure, intimidation, job insecurity and attacks on the protection of journalists’ sources - how can these threats be tackled? Journalism at Risk is a new book from the Council of Europe, in which ten experts from different backgrounds examine the role of journalism in democratic societies.

Is journalism under threat? The image of journalists, as helmeted war correspondents protected by bullet-proof vests and armed only with cameras and microphones, springs to mind. Physical threats are only the most visible dangers, however. Journalists and journalism itself are facing other threats such as censorship, political and economic pressure, intimidation, job insecurity and attacks on the protection of journalists’ sources. Social media and digital photography mean that anyone can now publish information, which is also upsetting the ethics of journalism.

How can these threats be tackled? What is the role of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and national governments in protecting journalists and freedom of expression?

In this book, 10 experts from different backgrounds analyse the situation from various angles. At a time when high-quality, independent journalism is more necessary than ever – and yet when the profession is facing many different challenges – they explore the issues surrounding the role of journalism in democratic societies.


Note from the Editor
     Onur Andreotti
     Nils Muižnieks
Positive obligations concerning freedom of expression: mere potential or real power?
     Tarlach McGonagle
The international human rights protection of journalists
     Sejal Parmar
Does the remedy jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights do enough for media freedom?
     Başak Çalı
Freedom of journalistic news-gathering, access to information and protection of whistle-blowers under Article 10 ECHR and the standards of the Council of Europe
     Dirk Voorhoof
The silencing effect on dissent and freedom of expression in Turkey
     Kerem Altıparmak, Yaman Akdeniz
Public-service media in Europe: a quiet paradigm shift?
    Katharine Sarikakis
Ethical journalism: an inspiration for responsible communications in Europe
     Aidan White
Journalism's dilemmas: Internet challenges for professional journalism and media sustainability
     Eugenia Siapera
The Internet or the sudden emergence of the reader: the experience of Rue89
     Pierre Haski

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